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{Rise of the Guardians}{Jack and Pitch} by butterbly
{Rise of the Guardians}{Jack and Pitch}
Chibis done of Jack and Pitch a while ago! I was thinking about doing the rest of the characters/making them into stickers but probably am not going to get around to either of those o u o b
{BRR App} by butterbly
{BRR App}
My application for :iconborealisregion:! It looks super cool ; u ; <3 

Update wise, I managed to fall onto a bed of oysters at the beach yesterday and added a multitude of cuts to my already existing collection of bruises and mosquito bites- and then fainted twice and vomited. Wasn't pleasant, but got really nice food afterwards that made up for it e u e;;

Name: Merle Plath

Age: 16

Birthdate: June 10


Hometown: Nyx Oasis, Borealis

Occupation: Part-time soap maker

Type of Trainer: New

Favorite Type: Fire

Least Favorite Type: Bug



  • Very very flexible- she is on the whole easygoing, accepting and willing to help with whatever she can- although by herself Merle is really quite lazy.
  • Will at least try to hear your side of the argument- whether she wants to listen to it or not depends on what mood she's in
  • Dislikes the cold in any form, and although she enjoys sports like ice skating and skiing you would never be able to get her to stay there more than a day or two.
  • Has a lot of curiosity, but has a hard time sticking to something.
  • She's interested in trying everything once.
  • Likes to surround herself in fragrances (e.g the soaps she makes)
  • Doesn't actually need the money from the soaps, but enjoys having something to do.
  • Interested in poetry- although she isn't sure how good she actually is at it, it is a way of expressing her thoughts.
  • Enjoys cuddling and touching in general
  • Is the sort of 'I'll get around to it sometime' person.
  • Generally quite calm when emergency's arise
  • Is a coward who's faking it



Merle has lead a simple (of sorts), repetitive life inside the Oasis as her parents travel, leaving her to more or less or own devices- although well cared for, with no siblings to share her daily life with. It's not really her parents fault per say that Merle has been left behind- it was their wish to travel to many different regions when they were poorer, and had never had the chance to really experience life as young parents. Merle had declined to go, feeling that her parents could use time away from having to look after her- and also so that she could have a little more freedom. That backfired when they traveled too far for her to contact them, resulting in her being unable to go out of the Nyx Oasis- she ventures out of her house less and less, growing impatient with the materialistic minds of her neighbors in the region. Merle is able to manage on her own well enough- she makes a decent cook, cleans occasionally, sleeps regularly- she's allowed to access her parent's account for any funds she needs. The soap making takes away some of the boredom as she is able to experiment with scents and ingredients- her mother had taught her the basics years ago and it had gone on from there.

She has many friends, but none that she is particularly close to- nor any romantic interests. The usual talk in Nyx Oasis is something that she isn't very skilled in, and doesn't fit into the social norms either. Has never had her own pokemon as it was something that she had never 'got around to', reluctant to venture out. She's just gotten her act together (and gotten too sick of the oasis) and figured that if it didn't work out, she could always just come home. The lack of human contact that Merle has in Nyx Oasis has left her alone too often- the silence and solitary confinement of sorts became too much to bear, and so she decided to simply hope that her parents could do with a note saying where she had gone when they come back.



  • Essential oils
  • Laptop
  • Necessary hygiene items (yes but just imagine if you didn't have them)
  • Sketch pad for poetry/doodles



  • If you don't see her around, Merle will most likely be napping somewhere in the sun
  • Bisexual
  • Having lots of energy doesn't mean that she's willing to use it and move
  • Loves the idea of 'flying away'
  • Would be the second in command if she's ever in a group. Unwilling to be in command but likes to have a hand in things.
  • Sympathy crier
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Fluffy animals and plushes are life


Pokemon: (TBD)




OT: Ability+Moves:

Hope I haven't left anything out or accidentally did something wrong! e u e;; <33 (her name is a reference to Sylvia Plath! c: )

{doodle-poodles} by butterbly
Doodles of various bbs! 

People who designed these beautiful babes:
- Fauwnii
- vickiehime
- PastelAlpacas
- Saygo-pohm
- txunnpae
- PrinceProcrastinate
- Frostbite-Adopts

Pastel sketches asdjdhladjs <3

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